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ICEPE-ST 2017 Was Held In Xi’an, China.
May 02, 2018

The 4th International Conference on Electric Power Equipment-switching technology (ICEPE-ST 2017) covered all aspects of the science and technology of Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology.


Sirui engineers took  part in the meetings and discussed  current d technical application of materials science  with  specialists  from all over the word, including Copper Chromium Electrical Contacts, Copper Tungsten Arcing Contacts and Copper Chromium Parts For GIS.


 The main meeting topics are:

1. . Switching Phenomena in SF6 Gas

2. Eco-friendly SF6 Alternative Gas

3. Switching Phenomena in Vacuum

4. Switching Phenomena in Air (Low-voltage Circuit Breakers and Relays)

5. DC Switching Technologies

6. Semi-conductor Switching Technologies

7. Fault Current Limiting Technologies

8. Fundamental Physics and Electrical Insulation in Switchgears

9. Emerging Switching Technologies

10. Simulation Technologies in Switchgears

11. Testing Technologies in Switchgears

12. Others


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